Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I should probably drink more, reason # 1

Two of my favorite bloggers, Marinka and Shallow Gal, recently created a new blog called Secret Spineless Whine. I posted a little whine of my own, and it gave me inspiration for a periodic post on my own blog... "why I should probably drink more".

As I've mentioned on this blog from time to time, I don't really drink all that much. There are a couple reasons for this. First, I don't really need it to lower my inhibitions. For the most part, I don't have a lot of inhibitions. I'm not saying that I'm running the streets naked, but I wouldn't hesitate to karaoke in front of a large crowd of people without so much as a beer. Secondly, I am pretty much scared crapless of taking care of toddlers with a hang-over. Me being the one who is hung over, not the toddlers. Although I don't even want to think about what a toddler would be like with a hang-over.

So, here's my whine.

My husband is unable to take out the recycling, because it's "crunch time" for him right now at work.

It occurred to me sometime later, that this may be a good reason for me to start drinking more. And there are others. And it's going to be fun telling you about them periodically.

Side note: After I wrote this post, my husband went and took out the recycling. It may or may not have had something to do with my looking at him like he was speaking a different language when he said that. Either way, I need to give him credit. You know, just in case he reads this.


Rachel said...

I'm like you. I rarely drink (although maybe if I hadn't been almost constantly pregnant and/or nursing for half my adult life that would be a different story), and I really don't need a drop of alcohol to have fun. Plus, childcare while or after drinking, to me, sounds like the worst kind of hell.

And also like you, I sometimes think that I should be drinking more. Usually the husband is at the heart of these thoughts, too.

Heather said...

There is no way on Earth I would get up and sing Karaoke - but otherwise I don't have a lot of inhibitions. But I do think I should drink more often and unfortunately I think its my 2 year old that makes me want to drink! However the thought of looking after him the following morning with a hang over - uh uh! In fact hang overs in general don't do it for me.

My total drinking is every now and again and I am talking about once every 4 months I have a glass of wine or champagne (well you know if I am going to drink I might as well drink the good stuff).

butwhymommy said...

Being at home with a toddler (and sometimes her father) can definitly drive you to drink. I do enjoy a glass of wine, so I don't whine too much.

Issas Crazy World said...

Wine and whining are both good with me.

My husband won't bring the bag of dog food in from the garage. Every day, I make Morgan go and get some in a tupperware. Because I can't lift the bag and he is being a lazy ass.

Kirsten said...

I definitely need a few drinks to sing karaoke.

I probably have the opposite problem. Sometimes I can't get through dinner, homework and bedtime without a glass of wine or five.

solo nicole said...

i'm so with you about the scared to be hungover with toddlers thing! i'm such a baby when i don't feel good so i need a free weekend to do it :)

ShallowGal said...

That was you ! I *LOVED* that whine, I even use it as an example of EXACTLY what Secret Spineless Whine is about.

Thanks for the shout-out!

xoxo, SG

Lish said...

The cat won't take the recycling out either. He makes some dumb excuses about not being able to reach the doorknob, but I'm still annoyed.

Eryn at said...

Oh man, I nearly spit out my coffee when I read "First, I don't really need it to lower my inhibitions." Ha! I love it.

Then you reminded me of a story my dad tells. My brother must have been 3, and my parents had a New Years party at the house where dad drank a bit too much. Somehow my mother conned him into getting up with my brother, and letting her sleep in a bit longer.

My brother decided to play with the Lincoln Logs, but he didn't play with them in the normal way (ya know, make a cabin), he would dump them out, then drop them into the metal container one log at a time, PLINK PLINK PLINK then repeat. My dad remembers that hangover pain nearly 40 years later! He swears that my brother knew EXACTLY how to torment him the worst.

Good luck with any toddlers with hangovers you run across ;)


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