Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jobs I'd Be Good At

1. Exotic Animal Trainer This has always been my plan B. If my life had taken a turn for the worst, I had decided I would move down to Southern California and go to this exotic animal training school there to become a trainer. One time when we were at Sea World in San Diego watching the whale show, my eyes welled up with desire to be in the water with the whales. Then I remembered how sometimes trainers are maimed and killed by the exotic animals they are training. So, probably better to stick with Finance. I leave work unscathed most days.

2. Sound Production I think my life should have a soundtrack. I love music, and I often think of the perfect song in various situations in my life. I think I'd be really good at picking the right music for scenes in television and movies. Also, and I'm not sure how this is related to sound production, but I'm really good at hearing a voice and knowing immediately who it is - like famous people who do narration for commercials.

3. Judge I may not like making my own decisions, but I really like making decisions for other people. And I think I'm really fair. I have an open mind and I'm really good at seeing things from all sides. Even when I have a strong conviction about something, I can always see how someone might see it differently.

4. Host of Survivor I've got nothing on Jeff Probst, believe me - the guy rocks at hosting that show. He is perfect. He makes it look so fun, that I'd like to do it too. I've actually always wanted to be on that show. I even sent in an audition tape. But, I think maybe I'd like to host it even more. Or maybe I just want to marry Jeff Probst.

5. Business Owner Someday, I will own my own business. Someday when the kids are on their own and I have enough money to retire - so that I can spend the time and money it takes to start your own business. Or, when I win the lottery. My sister and I fantasize about opening up our own specialty kitchen store. We both love dishware, linens and kitchen gadgets - but she's much better at actually using them to make something wonderful. We'd find all these really great kitchen accessories from around the world, and we'd hold cooking classes at the store.

6. ER Doctor I've always thought maybe I should have gone into medicine. I loved my science classes and was even pre-med for a time in college. Until I realized how long a road it is to become a doctor, and decided that I wasn't committed to it enough at that point. I had an internship as a sexual health educator in college - and I think that might have been my favorite "job" ever. I taught classes and had office hours to teach the basics of the male and female reproductive systems, give the low down on STDs and the many forms of birth control and how to use them. One of the best classes I ever taught was a class on AIDS that I gave to a fraternity house on campus. Those guys came up with so many different scenarios that they were trying to rule out as an opportunity to contract HIV, the creativity was amazing. Although I don't know why I'd be surprised that college-aged guys would spend all their time thinking about sex. Back to the ER Doctor thing... one of my greatest talents is remaining calm under pressure. Especially in the most stressful situations, I find that I can be cool, collected and am surprisingly better at making decisions and delegating than I am in normal situations.

None of these jobs are even remotely related to what I actually do for a living right now. However, I think I could probably site parts of my job where I use the skills of a trainer, producer, judge, business owner, emergency doctor and yes, even a reality show host.


Mama Ginger Tree said...

1. I always feel sorry for the animal trainers, especially at whale shows. *shudder* I think that's my worst nightmare.

2. You would totally kick ass at that job. Except all the songs you pick would be from the '80's. So maybe not.

3. I could see that. You do seem to attract friends who need a lot of advice.

4. I have dibs on Jeff. Back off.

5. Someday. We'll open our store someday...

6. You'd be a good ER doctor. I would be too busy making out with the hot army doctor.

Lish said...

Jeff Probst - sigh....

Anonymous said...

I pretty much feel like a wild animal trainer every day with a 2 and 5 year old...Can't wait for the hormones to kick in...
saved by Grace


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