Thursday, October 2, 2008


You know that charity thing the Gap does for AIDS/HIV in Africa, where they sell products with words ending in RED on them?

Well, lately - I've been uninspi(RED) to write in my blog. Probably because I am so ti(RED). I always wanted to write the Gap to tell them that they should create a ti(RED) shirt in their maternity wear line.

Anyway, I've got a lot of thoughts floating around in my head. I just can't seem to get them to gel together and get them down in writing.


Mama Ginger Tree said...

I was trying to think of something witty to say, but I'm too ti(RED). I have been uninspi(RED) myself. My blog seriously needs some fresh, good content. But I got nothin'.

heartatpreschool said...

I know - we just need to get all the kids together again soon, possibly also with Mom. That will give us PLENTY of content!

Lish said...

No excuses! You have an audience that needs to be fed!

Marinka said...

I read this three days ago and I still can't come up with a (RED) word!

Anonymous said...

How about miRED in laundry?]

-saved by Grace


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