Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warning - this post is about barf

Just wanted you to know, in case you have a weak stomach.

I've been thinking a lot about barfing lately. Maybe because that's all I've been doing all day, because I am sick AGAIN! What the??? The craziest thing is that this morning, my doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis and a sinus infection. Later this morning, I started barfing. And still haven't stopped. I can't even keep water down. So, I guess I also have the flu now. Who the hell knows.

This is the first moment I'm feeling less nauseous, and what am I doing? What can I say, I was inspired.

I absolutely hate barfing. Hate it. I will do anything to avoid it. Obviously, when I'm sick, it's sometimes unavoidable. However, sometimes it can be avoided. This is the one reason that I will not drink alcohol to excess. Because I am afraid of barfing. I've easily forgotten all the pain associated with childbirth, but I will never forget the one time in my life I barfed from being drunk. One time. Never again.

This also reminded me of a couple of other memorable barfing moments.

#1 It was New Years Eve 1999. My husband and I planned this huge bash to ring in the new millennium. We had invited all our friends, and had all these fun Year 2000 games planned. We were going to party like the Prince song promised we would. That day, we both got sick. Really sick. We had to call all our friends and cancel our party. The topper was when we were sitting on the couch, surrounded by meds, Kleenex and crackers. We were watching the New Years festivities on TV and all the sudden one side of our big HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000 banner that was hanging in a doorway just above our television fell down, and the we both stared at the sign swinging back and forth pathetically. In sickness and in health baby. Happy New Years.

#2 I had just given birth to my second daughter, Milly. I had a c-section and was still pumped up on pain meds that made my nauseous. Occasionally, I would need someone to bring me the bedpan, because I could not get out of bed, so I could barf. A couple of times, that person was
my sister. My sister who has always had a really strong gag reflex. When we were kids, I used to purposely try to make her barf by picking my nose and showing it to her or telling her something really gross. What can I say? I'm pretty sure I was obligated as the older sister to torture her in this manner. She would barf at the drop of a hat. So now, thinking back on that day in the hospital - I have no idea how she held that bedpan for me while I was barfing in it. Wow. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Note to my wonderful
sister, who tagged me for the "Sixth Photo in the Sixth Album" meme; and to the wonderful Marinka, who tagged me for the "Six Random/Weird Things About Yourself" meme: THANK YOU BOTH! I'm actually really excited to write these posts, I'm just a bit preoccupied right now, barfing.


Lish said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the warning!! I always like to read blogs at lunchtime, and I had my Subway sandwich all unwrapped on my desk in anticipation of your blog, but when I read that warning, I switched over to your sister's instead.

I can stomach it now.

Get well!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Bummer. You can't seem to catch a break.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it wasn't something you ate this weekend;)
Thanks for the visit and get better soon
-saved by Grace

anymommy said...

This made me laugh, not at your pain, but in sympathy. I hate to throw up. I will put myself through hell fighting it, even though I know you almost always feel better afterwards.

I am so sorry. Hope you feel better soon!


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