Monday, October 27, 2008

What's worse than being a single Mom when your husband is traveling?

Being a single Mom when your husband is NOT traveling.

Ok, so he's sick. But, he's been sick for over a month now! It's getting old.

If he doesn't get some hard core antibiotics soon, I think I'm going to lose my mind.

Oh, and since I'm venting... when your wife asks if you can tell that she's lost a little weight, the correct answer is "yes, honey".

In the school of tellherwhatshewantstohear, it is also appropriate to add "totally" or "absolutely" for emphasis. The more sincere you sound, the more likely you will not be sleeping on the couch.

This would be much funnier if my husband had ever actually slept on the couch. He has not. However, I am about to if his cough doesn't get better soon!


Lish said...

It's October 29. Your last blog was on October 27th. That's two days ago.

(My word verification is "entious" which should be a word but is not).

Marinka said...

Wow, is he better yet? And are you surviving?

jen said...

i read your post title at allmediocre and had to pop over.
i was all prepared to tell you that having a husband that is a pilot is worse...because he is gone 5/7 days.
then i read your actual post...
with my husband being a pilot...i die when he is home for more than 3 days. weird isn't it? when he is sick...i go out of my mind.
and yeah...the "don't-say-what-you-think-say-what-i-want-you-to-say" husband did the exact same thing the other day. you can read it on my blog too.
and he did.
now he got it.
hope all is better at your house! (sorry for the long comment!)

Mama Ginger Tree said...

I know you're busy and all with your daughter's birthday, invalid husband and full time job. But do you think you could update your blog once in a while? Do you care so little for your readers?


Lish said...

I admit I was feeling a little bad for pressuring you to keep up with your blog. But since your sister agrees with me... I'm begging you to update!!

(One of the reasons I did away with my blog was all the pressure from my friends to sustain it - lol)

Anonymous said...

I'd kick his sick butt to the couch...


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