Monday, August 4, 2008

There must be something in the water

Why must there be this many toys in the bath?
Where do they all come from? I swear, they multiply by themselves in there.

Apparently, a bath is no fun without:
4 Diegos, riding various sea animals
1 "other" animal rescuer
7 stacking cups
4 linking turtle cups
2 plastic bowls
5 small frogs
Mommy and baby Penguin
Mommy and baby Whale
Mommy and baby yellow duck
3 different sized whales
2 spinning Nemo fish
2 suction Nemo fish
1 large Nemo fish
3 small Nemo fish
2 spray bottles
2 balls
8 other miscellaneous sea life
at least 2 - usually more - washcloths

...and believe me, this is nothing compared to what I've seen in some of my friend's kid's baths - so I guess I should count myself lucky that my kids can get along with just these items.

1 comment:

Mama Kalila said...

LOL - how cute! So far we've managed to just have rubber ducks... well and a watering pail today too. I'm sure it won't be long before our tub looks just like yours though. I almost can't wait (looks fun)


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