Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Today was my littlest, Milly's first day of Preschool, or "big girl school" as she refers to it. Her older sister is an old hat now, being that this is her second year.

It was Sessa's idea to pose by the pot of flowers behind the door of the little Spielberg. Whatever gets them to smile.

After dinner tonight, we had pink milk to celebrate.

I have to say, I celebrated a bit too. It's nice to have one more year, before Seesa officially starts Kindergarten. Then, maybe I'll have to change my blog name to "I left my heart at elementary school"...? Or maybe, "I left one of my hearts at preschool, and the other at elementary school..."? I jest.

Yes, I am aware that my children are starting to look like "Cousin It". I'm attempting to grow their bangs out. Any tips on how to keep it out of their faces with something that will actually stay in their hair for longer than 20 minutes?

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