Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleep Talking

Milly, my littlest, talks in her sleep a lot.

Last night, it seems she was actually walking in her sleep. She came out of her room and down the hall, calling for her sister, Seesa.

When I found her and took her back to her bed, she said to me, "I yuv deers. They make me so happy."

Hmm. Deers. I guess they make me pretty happy too.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you and your sister need to give me a good name so I can comment regularly. You two are much more creative than I am, and seriously, my brain is full with the beginning of Kindergarten this year.
your friend,

Mama Ginger Tree said...

L, if you are the L I am thinking of... you are amazing, caring, warm, a fantastic mom and just an all around great friend. Maybe we should call you Mother Theresa.

Just kidding, how about The Lovely L?

jamie in rose cottage said...

That's cute...
and kinda random! :-)


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