Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Impromptu take your daughter to work day

We had our very own "take your daughter to work day" today.

Seesa spent the morning with our sitter, Meaghan at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Meaghan dropped Seesa off at my office in San Francisco after lunch. I expected to wrap up and leave the office for the day.

Before we left for home, I set her up with a little show (thank you Nick Jr website) at a desk right next to mine that happens to be unoccupied, as my co-worker is on maternity leave, so that I could finish a few emails.

She was having so much fun, that I decided to stick around a little longer.

We got some pretzels from the vending machine, visited the bathroom - complete with a full length mirror perfect for dancing in front of, and opened up a little "unicorn tattoo stand" (the office version of a lemonade stand?) .

She loved looking out the windows (from the 10th floor) at the cars, buses and people down below. She loved saying hello to everyone in the halls and elevators. She wanted to visit all the different areas of the office, and sit in all the chairs.

What a great day.

Although, I'm sure that she now thinks that Mommy gets to watch Dora the Explorer all day at work... if only.

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Mama Ginger Tree said...

Watching Dora at work all day would have to be the worst job ever.


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