Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In this installment of Thankful Thursday, I'm so thankful for... Thursdays!

I work from home on Thursdays, so it's my favorite work day of the week. Every other day, I have an hour drive each way from my house to downtown San Francisco and back. It's hard to complain about my commute - I drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beauty of it really never gets old.
Still... I detest the two hours I'm stuck in my car, so not having to drive into SF is one of the best things about working from home. My kids still go to Preschool and I still work a full day, but I get more time with my kids on Thursdays, because I can drop them off and pick them up myself. Something I don't regularly get to do because of my commute.

Other things I'm thankful for being able to do on my work from home Thursdays...throw a load of laundry in the washer or unload the dishwasher while on conference calls, grab some groceries during lunch and make a meal that takes longer to prepare than my normal "30 minutes or less" weekday meals. On a really slow day, I might even sneak out for a pedicure. If you are someone that I work with, I'm just kidding. I never do that.


Enjoymmo said...
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Devoted Mom To B... said...

You deserve a day at home if you're commuting 2 hrs a day. Ugh!

Thanks for the blog award...your post was so poignant and touching. Definitely award-worthy,

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love working from home. I wish I could do it every day. And I have a perfect cure for the tedious long commute: recorded books. I'm an addict. I haven't listened to music in the car in years (exaggeration - but I usually listen to my recorded books from the library). If I get on the road and realize that I left my CDs in the other car or at home, I have full blown panic attacks. What if I get bored?! What if traffic is bad and I have to be bored for a really long time! But if I have my "stories"? I can happily sit in traffic for hours.

Heather said...

I agree, I love the GG bridge but would hate to have to drive in SF traffic every day. Now I am a stay at home mum, my commute time is an hour of reading other peoples blogs while my kids watch Little Einstiens and Charlie and Lola!

For Myself said...

Whew! All caught up...I think. I thought you were on my blogroll, so I figured you must not have posted in a while. But somehow you weren't (you are now!) and I missed several of your updates. NOT GOOD!
Anyhoo- Loved this one (ah how I dream of working from home)and I'm unsurprised that you appreciate what you've got. Of course you do!

the RaMbLeR said...

Ummm...that's us the toes!!

I work from home every day...I used to go into the office and sometimes I miss that. It was a nice excuse to get a little fixed up and I loved the socialization with other adults. Now I'm that freak 'rambler' that will strike up a conversation with you for no good reason. ;)

And, when you are at home every day you are not nearly as productive with your household chores cause you know it will still be there tomorrow.

But.....I would not change it for the world now since I've had Roo. I would have never been able to get him to all his dr. appts and therapies if I was in the office.


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