Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Happy Birthday Sis!

Today's Thankful Thursday post is dedicated to my sister, in honor of her birthday today! I can't think of anything I'm more thankful for, than having you as my little sister.

Growing up, we were inseparable. Tea parties with our dolls, playing "restaurant" and "hotel", spending hours underneath the dining room table creating a Barbie horse ranch - complete with it's own airplane and camper, watching the Brady Bunch and making ourselves Mac&Cheese while we waited for Mom to get home from work. We've been through so much together. At times, it felt like it was just you and I, when all the adults in our life were distracted by illness, divorce and death. We always had each other, and our play world where we could be whatever we wanted.

We survived the emotional roller coaster of High School, hormones and boys. We saw each other off to college. We were there for each other still, even though we were at times miles away.

We supported each other as we graduated from college, moved out on our own into our first places, got our first jobs and met the men we would marry. You were my maid of honor, and I was yours.

We were there for the birth of each of our beautiful children, and support each other as we navigate our way through the wonderful challenge of Motherhood.

We've fought, laughed and cried together. We've shared some of the saddest, most difficult, happiest and most amazing moments of our lives with each other. Whatever life has in store for us, there is one thing I know. We will be there for each other, always.

Thank God for you.

I love you!


Marinka said...

This is so beautiful, and I loved seeing the pictures!
Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers!

butwhymommy said...

That is lovely. Makes me wish I had a sister, instead of a brother. Those pictures were great.

Heather said...

That is such a lovely post. I am envious of your relationship with your sister. There is 8 years between my sister and I and although we have a great relationship now, growing up we were to far apart. I loved the pics.

Anu said...

This is so sweet. And I love the photos (esp. the 80's hair..) =)

You are lucky to have such a close relationship with your sister!

Kirsten said...

DAMMIT!! I can't start crying before I have to science experiments with a bunch of six year olds!

This is the best birthday greeting I've ever got. I love you so much it's crazy! Thank you!!!

solo nicole said...

what a nice post!

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh crap, now I'm bawling. I want a sister. i wonder if it's too late? I should call my mom and ask.

You guys are lucky to have each other. Happy birthday Kirsten.

Devoted Mom To B... said...

What a beautiful tribute to an amazing person!


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