Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day shenanigans

I'd forgotten until today, how much my husband LOVES April Fools Day. The first thing he did when he got up, was to play a joke on the kids. He came into their bedroom and gave them each a stick of gum in a silver wrapper. When they discovered that there was no actual gum in the wrapper - "April Fools!!!". They thought it was hilarious. It helped that he did give them the actual gum afterwards.

The day went on like that. My husband playing little April Fools tricks on the girls and vice versa. He even scanned the Internet during the kids' bath time, and relayed various stories of April Fools jokes that companies had played today.

When he was a teenager, my husband called his Dad at work - his Dad worked for the FBI, and all of his Dad's fellow agents were listening in on the call - and told him that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. He said his Dad was pretty calm about the whole thing, but extremely relieved to find out it was just a prank.

What April Fools shenanigans were you up to today? Any stories of glory from April Fools past?


septembermom said...

Sounds like your husband is a true prankster! The FBI one is funny. I can just imagine all those guys listening in. I wish I had a good prank story for you. I guess we're too boring over here :) Thanks for following my blog!

For Myself said...

As a fifth grade teacher, this day is pretty much the riskiest of the year. This year though, I'm proud to say I survived unscathed!

Christy said...

I was had by two blogs I read - I guess I'm pretty gullible!


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