Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shrinking Jeans Update - two chickens plus two chickens

Week one, good.
Pounds lost, 2.
Attributed to, eating a good breakfast and being distracted from sweets.
Confronting emotional issues around food, still composing that post.

Having kids, food seems to always be in the forefront of my mind. What are we going to have for breakfast? What should I pack in their lunches? Do I have all the food groups covered for dinner? What do I have around that makes a healthy snack? Have they had too many sweets this week?

Dinner is usually the meal that presents the most challenge. What can I make that the kids won't totally balk? I'm not one for creating meals only the kids will like, or making the kids something different from what we are having. What's for dinner is what's for dinner. I've also been really lucky to have kids that are "good eaters", so I'm pretty confident that they're not going to starve when I say if you don't like it, then don't eat it. However, they can't have any kind of special treat unless they eat a good amount of the actual dinner.

Tonight, my friend Lish came over to visit me, and we were having dinner with the kids. Seesa wanted another piece of bread, but she hadn't eaten very much of her chicken. I told her she needed to eat two pieces of chicken before she had more bread.

She said, "But I already ate two pieces of chicken and now you want me to eat two more pieces of chicken and that's FOUR pieces of chicken!!!" Good math honey, now eat your chicken. This argument went on for a while, with Seesa going over and over the two pieces of chicken plus two more pieces of chicken, and how she did not want to eat four pieces of chicken.

My friend Lish had to leave the table because she was cracking up. Then she posted on her Facebook that she was adding two chickens plus two chickens.

The point of this little story? I often wonder how I'm forming my children's attitudes towards food.


Lish said...

How in the world did this post as December 10 when it happened on December 11?? Do you and I do something weird to time when we get together?

And HAP didn't quite capture the hilarity of the moment. It went more like this: adorable little girl face all scrunched up in disbelief at unfairness of world combined with unholy anger and tears streaming down said face screaming: Two CHICKENS PLUS two CHICKENS equals FOOOOUUUURRR CHIIIICCCKKKEEEENNNNSSSS!!!

And on my way home, I called CPS, because although I don't have children myself, forcing them to eat four chickens before they can get a tiny piece of bread seems like it qualifies as child abuse to me.

heartatpreschool said...

LMAO!!! I love you Lish. Thanks for adding to this story. I should have just had you write it. I live it every day, so it seemed so normal to me...


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