Friday, December 12, 2008

A few questions

I'm still kinda new to blogging, so I've got some questions.

# 1 If someone has me in their "reader", and I play around with a post, publishing it and then going back in and editing it numerous times so I can fix how the pictures are laying out, does that make my post show up again and again in that person's "reader"?

If the answer is yes, and this has happened to you...oops, sorry.

# 2 Is it helpful to put labels on my posts? Who uses these and when?

I'm more of a live-in-the-moment girl, than planning for the future - but I can see where at some point I may want to find something I've written, and just like my filing system at home, it will be pointless without labels of some kind.

# 3 If I make my blog cute by adding buttons using plays on the word "heart", because I'm a sucker for themes, and I easily amuse myself - will people not take me seriously as a blogger?

And should I really care considering I'm doing this for me?

# 4 How the heck does Twitter work? Do you have to add each person you want to tweet with individually by email address, or do you join groups or what? When you tweet, does everyone you've added see your message, including everyone within a group?

Before reading instructions, I always like to ask "experts" first. Saves me a lot of time.


Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

#1: It depends on what kind of reader the person is using. Usually it will show up twice in their reader.

#2: I put labels on my posts, but I don't really ever use them to find things. I don't think they matter all that much.

#3: I like themes too and kind of miss my Candy Land stuff. I say go for it. You can still be taken seriously with cute labels. It's all about the writing.

#4: Just jump in and start using it. It's takes a while to get the hang of it. You add people by clicking the "follow" button when you find them on Twitter. You shouldn't have to e-mail them. If you send a tweet, everyone who is following you will see it. Groups work a little different. People in a group you are part of will not see your individual messages. You have to send a direct message to that group for everyone to see it.

Jennifer and Playgroups Are No Place for Children did a great series on blogging for beginners. It really helped me understand readers and other things. It is worth reading. She has a whole section on sidebars.

Marinka said...

I second Kirsten's recommendation for Jennifer's series, it's really worth reading.

I like labels because it makes it easier to search by categories, but I discovered this recently. After I didn't label stuff.

Issas Crazy World said...

1. I use Google reader and if someone just goes and updates, it normally doesn't show up again. Only if you change the date or time, which you can do it Blogger.

2. I put labels on my post, but I have dozens of them. Depends on my mood. Mostly it helps me find a certain post later, if I want to link to it.

3. It's your blog, I am a fan of, do it however you want.

4. When you sign up for Twitter, it will look into your email if you want it too and see who all is on Twitter too. Then you can follow them all. Also, the way I find people is by clicking on my friends follow list and seeing who I know.

Oh and hi, I'm Issa. :)

Maura said...

I agree with what the lovely ladies above have said. Plus:

1. I know very little about the readers, because I barely use mine. I know some do show duplicates, but that's just the way it goes -- people are used to it.

2. I started using labels when Blogger added them and I do find it convenient from time to time in order to find something, but you can use them to be a little more humorous if you're so inclined.

3. In my opinion, worrying about how others perceive you as a blogger is a losing proposition, unless you're trying to make a living from you blog. You do what you do and those that like it will keep coming back.

4. As Kirsten said, it's not really a group thing unless you specifically join one, it's more of an open community thing. You follow people and Twitter tells them that you're following. If they follow you back, you'll see each others tweets. It really does make more sense after you get started. :-)

Sophie, Inzaburbs said...

I have absolutely no idea.
I do know I really like the pink color you have down the sides there. And I would still read you if you had hearts.

PsychMamma said...

I think the lovely ladies above me have pretty much answered your questions, but here's my two cents:

#1 What others said above, plus, I wouldn't worry about it. If it duplicates, they'll deal with it. No biggie. If I see a duplicate in my reader, I just skip it/delete it since I know I already read it.

#2 I would advise using labels. They help w/searching by categories for you and your readers. Maybe not a big deal when you start, but when you get up to 300 posts, it helps.

#3 I think you should make your blog how you like it. Don't worry if some don't take you seriously. Hearts wouldn't scare me away. {wink}

#4 Twitter is SO easy! It was kind of an avalanche affect for me. I stared following a few people whose blogs I read, then I started following the people, they follow, then people started following me, then I followed them back, etc. Everyone who is following you sees what you Tweet. You can block people who try to follow you that you think are questionable or that you don't want to follow. I don't do Twitter groups, so I can't help much with that. I CAN tell you that it's very user friendly. Set up an account and start clicking and you'll be off and running.

Good luck!

heartatpreschool said...

You guys are AWESOME!!!


For Myself said...

How'd you manage to ask all of my questions?!? Are you like, in my brain or something?

Love what I'm seeing on your blog so far. Keep going for sure, hearts and all!

the RaMbLeR said...

Hello! Funny, in a long, round-a-bout way i found you from Twitter. I follow PhsychMamma (above) which posted & led me to your sister & I loved her blog/posts so I kept going and found you.

Ok, so I am going out of order here...but that is just how I roll. I love to read the blogs that it's obvious they are being their true, if you like hearts, do hearts.

My very first blog I started to give info to family/friends about my baby that has cerebral palsy
and I did not put labels, I now wish I did. There have been several times I have had to search for a post. I then started MY blog (basically as a journal) and I have used the labels and am thankful I have.

Phht...don't worry about the double reader biggie!

I'm glad to have found you and plan to continue to read. Come by my place and visit. I am also on twitter which you can click on to follow from my blog.

Welcome to Bloggy Land!

Wendy said...

#1 - I use Google reader, and once it is published, it is forever there in its original form, no matter how many times it is edited. For this reason I mainly use Google to bring to my attention that a favorite blog has updated, and go look at the original site.

#2 - I quit doing this because it was cluttering up my site and taking FOREVER. And I kept forgetting to put labels on some posts. If you're going to do this, pick fun labels like "One More Reason for My Boss to Fire Me" and not boring ones like "Posts about Work". Also, I recommend using fewer than 20 so that it won't become unmanageable - but this begs the question - "why bother"?

#3 - I look at blogs that take themselves seriously and blogs that are so fru-fru they will barely load. Honestly, I'm more concerned with what you write & that I don't have time to grow and roast my own coffee beans while I wait for your site to load. So whatever you do, don't annoy your readers into giving up because the graphics are so big.

#4 - I don't know. But I wish I did.


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