Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That's right folks, I am married to the Sexiest Man Alive

Whenever I add a celebrity to my "list", you know the one. Famous people you have a hall pass to sleep with if the opportunity ever presented itself - which it never will, because they are celebrities and you are not, but it's fun to think about it anyway. So, anytime someone is on my "list", it spells certain death for said celebrity's career or for themselves. Case in point: Val Kilmer, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McConaughey, Ethan from Survivor, Heath Ledger - need I say more?

Not so with the latest addition to "the list", Hugh Jackman. He just won People magazine's prestigious Sexiest Man Alive award. Maybe it's because I haven't laminated my new list yet.

My husband bought me a copy of People with Hugh on the cover while we were visiting the in-laws, for me to peruse while watching the kids swim. I think he was just trying to distract me from reading blogs incessantly, but whatever. It worked. I showed my husband the above picture, which was featured in the People shoot, and commented "doesn't that look painful? fully clothed with ocean water splashing all over you? I bet it was freezing!".

My daughter Seesa, heard me and said "Lemme see!". I showed her the picture, and she shouted "THAT'S DADDY!".

My husband got a huge smile on his face, said something like "that's right honey" to her and, "did you know you were married to the sexiest man alive?" to me, and then said something about me laughing a little too much over the whole thing. Ok, maybe if your hair was longer, you didn't shave for a few days, you worked out a lot, and you liked to swim in the ocean fully clothed and then walk onto the beach looking like you were going to take me right there in the sand. Then, maybe.

Seesa sweetheart, I hope you always think your Daddy is the most handsome man alive.


Lish said...

I see the resemblance. Maybe you should post a husband photo next to it for comparison purposes.

Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

Definitely requires a comparison photo. My kids used to think Matt Lauer was your husband.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You have to hand it to the little ones to either give you major compliments or insults when calling people in pictures "mommy" or "daddy".

Recently some nice Mormon boys on Mission left a little card at my house with a picture of Jesus. Luckily I had the excuse of being on a work call so I could shoo them away without feeling rude (yes I feel rude about that kind of thing). My daughter looked at the picture later and asked, "who dat?" I said, "that's Jesus" (then went back to blogging or whatever made me not elaborate. Shee looked at the picture then at me then at the picture again. Then she smiled, pointed at the picture and said "Mommy!" I don't have long hair or a beard and I pretty much never wear a dress - so I'm not quite sure what to make of that...


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