Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

This was a weighty election day for me. I found myself in tears as I left the voting booth. I guess it just hit me how historical this is. Also, though I have not written about it, I have some very strong feelings about a couple of the propositions on the ballot. (NO on 8, by the way!)

I was wishing that I'd brought my oldest daughter to the voting booths with me. I had visions of imparting the importance of this day, and of having the right to vote, and speaking your mind in general. Then I realized that, at 5 years old, the most she'd probably get out of it would be the "I voted!" sticker.

I'll just tell both of my daughters about the experience someday when they are older, in some "I remember when..." speech. They'll both yawn and say, "Yah, yah - you already told us that Mom. Shut your pie hole."


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