Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pony Party

We had a "pony party" for Seesa's birthday this year. She is so into animals (or maybe that's me), that I thought it would be fun to create a whole animal-loving theme for her party this year. Or maybe I thought it would be fun for me. Hey, I'm the one throwing it. She can choose her own theme when she's old enough to kick down some cash for the party.

The party was the weekend before Halloween (yes, I am totally behind on my posts...). It was a super warm weekend and the party was all outside, in a little apple orchard at a horse boarding farm. There was a jump house and a little petting zoo. I had a Halloween mask making craft, a unicorn pinata and I made pony cupcakes. Thank you
anymommy for the cupcake idea from your post about your son's birthday. I just looked at your pictures, and tried to copy the cupcakes. Not bad, eh?

And then there were the pony rides. SO fun for all the kids. I had told Seesa that she could ride as many times as she wanted, since she was the birthday girl. I could barely get her off the ponies. Little sister Milly rode too.

After Seesa blew out her birthday candles, she told me what she wished for... her own pony.

Hmmm...wonder how long I'll be able to appease her with bunnies.

Happy Birthday my Halloween baby!!!


Mama Ginger Tree said...

It was fun party!

Marinka said...

That looks adorable! Mmm...cupcakes!

anymommy said...

Really, really impressive!! You know I did not make those horse cupcakes, right? I have this fantastic friend and she bakes and she's amazing - kind of like you it appears. Also, real ponies, the kids must have been in heaven.

Glad we could inspire, even if it isn't my own talent doing the inspiring.


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