Monday, March 9, 2009

a meme

Julia at Sometimes Lucid tagged me for a photo meme that sounded familiar...when I realized that I'd done it before. However, as I was searching through my draft posts before this discovery, I ran across a meme that I never published. Back in October, Marinka - yes, that Marinka - tagged me for a meme, to write six odd things about myself. So, five months it is!

Me: Hey, I've been tagged by Motherhood in NYC! How cool!

Husband: Huh?

Me: It's a blog thing. I have to write six odd things about me. It's called a meme.

Husband: Sounds like a scam.

Me: How is that a scam?

Husband: Because they are trying to get personal information out of you.

Me: Yah, maybe Marinka is actually the Pink Panther of the blogsphere, and she's covertly gathering random clues that will help her uncover the secret hiding place of the 20 carat diamond we have hidden in the house.

Husband: Ok, ok. Then, where I come from, that's called smear the queer.

Me: I'm totally going to blog about this conversation.

1. I've been a huge fan of the reality show, Survivor, since the first season. I've even tried to get on the show more than once (before I had kids, now I feel like I live the show every day). I think Mark Burnett is a genius, coming up with a new twist for every season. And don't even get me started on Jeff Probst...yum. Greatest show ever.

2. I don't mind small talk with people I've just met, but I can't stand small talk with good friends. I like to get right into the good stuff. Sometimes I don't even start a conversation with a good friend, with "hello", I start with "so...".

3. When getting ready to go to bed, I like to lay everything out in the bathroom. Toothbrush with paste on it - check. Contact lens case with solution in it - check. Facial soap and moisturizer - check. After everything is all lined up and ready to go, then I execute the actual bedtime routine. Weird. I know.

4. I'm horribly nearsighted. I can't see a thing without my contacts or glasses. I've thought about getting lasix surgery. I've had plenty of friends who've done it, and love it. But, I'd really miss the "break" of being somewhat blind. I really enjoy taking off my contacts at night and being able to sort of turn off, without even closing my eyes.

5. I adore music. This, in itself is not odd, I realize. The part that verges on odd, is probably this... I often think that my life should have a soundtrack. I could probably find just the right song to go along with almost every post I write in my blog. I could (and have) sing karaoke all night long - with or without an audience. I love making up songs in everyday interactions with my kids, and they often sing back their responses to me.

It goes something like this...sort of to the tune of I'm a little tea pot.

Me: "We've gotta get out the door, we've gotta get to the store."

Kids: "No Mommy, No. We don't want to go."

6. I sometimes have a difficult time fighting for something for myself, but give me a good cause, or an injustice caused to someone else - and I will passionately pursue the greater good, usually at all costs. One astrology book describes my strengths as protective, generous and fearless; and my weaknesses as unrealistic, unyielding and self-sacrificing. I think that's pretty accurate.

If you want to do this fun meme, consider youself tagged. You have up to 6 months to post it.


Heather said...

The lining up of the stuff in the bathroom is definitely wierd!

I'm horrible nearsighted too and my sister is a lasik technician she advises me not to get lasik because if something went wrong which on occasion still happens.

I'm with you on number 6.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love the idea of a personal soundtrack.

Like you live your own personal sitcom - which is the story line of one of my favorite episodes of Designing Women (one of my own random and weird facts - I LOVE Desiging Women).

OHmommy said...

I could also find the right soundtrack for each one of my posts.... what an incredible concept Kari!

And yes, Marinka is totally the pink panther of the blogosphere. Heh. :)

bernthis said...

To this day, I wish I'd been able to a back handspring.

I think that Splenda tastes like crap

the other four?

You said, it yourself. I have 6 months

Christy said...

How did I miss this post earlier this week. My blogger reader is screwing with me.

I love the soundtrack idea too...and now you've got "I'm a little teapot" stuck in my head on repeat!!!

And my sister-in-law were just talking about your second item. We're the same way - we often call each other and don't even say hi we just launch whatever is on our minds as if we are already in the middle of a discussion. Love when you can do that!

Hope Floats said...

#2 and #6 are me too..

I heart your blog...

Hope Floats said...

and what is with men thinking everything is a scam unless of course it is their choice they will put in a 1000.00 water system that was a scam or get sucked into thsi or that butya you know where I am going!!!


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