Friday, March 27, 2009

I want these!

Scary Mommy is giving away these earrings:

Check her out - she's a really enjoyable read! And while you are there, enter to win them for yourself. And if you do win, you can give them to me. Out of the generosity of your heart. Or, just let me borrow them. Because you are so thankful that I told you about them. And then I'll link to you in my next "Thankful Thursday". Speaking of, where is this week's Thankful Thursday post, you ask? I'm waiting to win these, so I can write about how thankful I am for them.


Devoted Mom To B... said...

if i win them, you can have them. i'm every guy's dream...don't like diamonds at all! it's a great idea, though. maybe i'll do the same with my wedding ring!!

becomingkate said...

They're lovely!


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