Friday, July 25, 2008

Good to know...

So, I added this super cute picture of my girls to my new (yet to be customized) blogsite, and called my sister to share my excitement. She informed me that many people in the blogsphere feel that it's not appropriate to post a picture of your children in the bath - something about it being an invasion of thier privacy. In other words, they don't take kindly to your kind in these parts.

Ok. Good to know. Any other blogging rules I should be aware of?

By the way, I'm keeping this so cute picture up for now for five reasons. 1) Come on. You have to admit, it's adorable! 2) They are both smiling at the same time, which is rarely caught on camera, 3) Bathtime is one of my favorite times spent with my kids - hey, there's another idea for a blog post 4) I don't have time to find a new picture - more on that in an upcoming blog about how exhausted I am these days, and 5) no one is really reading this thing yet anyway.

UPDATE... Note to the pervs who keep finding my blog while searching for pictures of girls in a bath: Put it back in your pants, and get the hell off my site!


Mama Ginger Tree said...

You rock! It is a damn cute picture for sure!

anymommy said...

It's an adorable picture. MGT sent me over to say hi. Play by your own rules ;-) And, you already made me tear up, that quote always gets me.


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