Monday, February 22, 2010


This post is dedicated to my friend, Renee. We met in person this past summer at BlogHer, although we already "knew" each other through our blogs. She is one of the amazing women that I had the opportunity to get to know more during those few wonderful days in Chicago last summer.

Another one of those amazing women is Issa. Issa recently put together an Internet baby shower for Renee, who is awaiting the arrival of her son, Lion. Lion is not inside of her belly, waiting to come out. Lion is not in the NICU, waiting to be strong enough to come home. Lion is not even in the same time zone as his waiting mother. Lion is 7,000 miles away. He and Renee are both waiting for another land to tell them it's time for them to finally be together.

But there is another place that Lion resides, and has before he was even born... in the heart of Renee.

Stay brave Renee, your wait will soon be over.


butwhymommy said...

Thank you my dear. That means everything. I love you.

Lish said...

Lion is the most awesome name.

Mary Freaking Poppins said...

We're all waiting for them... thanks Kari for reminding us to think good thoughts for both Lion and his mommy. :)

Issas Crazy World said...

I love that internet parties last forever. ;)

Lish said...

Ok. I'm over the lion picture. I heard you had a lot of extra time on your hands lately due to the economic downturn. I expect something new to read while I eat lunch. You are only one of about five blogs I read so you have RESPONSIBILITIES!

btw, my lunch is at 2 pm every day so there's your deadline. You may have Fridays and Saturdays off.

Lish said...

Um. It is three pm, and my lunch is in front of me. I even gave you an extra hour, and that lion still stares at me.


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