Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I should probably drink more, reason # 4

The girls were playing outside with chalk, making "fairy dust". Seesa decided to cover the dog in her fairy dust. Awesome. I took a wet towel and cleaned him up. Afterwards, my husband asked if I had given the dog a bath. Ten minutes before dinner was ready? Um, no. No, I did not bathe the dog. I wiped the chalk off the dog sufficiently.

My husband insisted that I should have washed the dog because what if the chalk gets on his skin and he has some kind of reaction to it and his pores get clogged from it and it gets into his system and he gets a kidney infection and dies.

You'd like to think I'm kidding right now, wouldn't you? I am not even exaggerating. I may have even left out a couple of the disastrous things that might happen to the dog, because I didn't really pay attention to most of it. It's a survival tactic I've developed over time.

My husband...the King of Overreaction, and my inspiration for the 4th reason that I should probably drink more.


Bavonia said...

Haa got to love em!

Christy said...

HAHA thanks for the laugh! Love this little story!

Lish said...

I thought he was going to worry that the dog would have clogged pores and get ACNE! Now, THAT would be embarrassing for the dog.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Sounds like mine... Think of all the horrible diseases the kids will get from eating a cookie that dropped on the clean kitchen floor. It's terrifying if you think of it! (I tend not to.)

Rachel Federman said...

This is hysterical. You have to keep a list of all your husband's "What ifs?" My dad is like this -- we call him "Lou" for "loss of use" which he says you can get "nailed for" even if you have all the insurance options on a rental car. No one else has ever heard of it!!!!


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