Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bloggy Holiday Card Exchange

Happy 2nd Annual Bloggy Holiday Card Exchange my friends in the blogosphere!

We took this picture at Disneyland, and I knew immediately that I had my Christmas card for this year! It poured all that day - notice how wet their pants are - but they were SO happy to meet Mickey for the first time. It was priceless.

Happy Holidays to you all! To see more bloggy holiday cards, click here.


Maura said...

So cute! They look thrilled, damp or not! :-) Happy holidays!

Anne Y said...

Cute picture!
Happy Holidays!

Christy said...

So cute - they look adorable! Great picture!

Aliceson said...

So cute! Wet, but cute.

Happy Holidays to you!

AmazingGreis said...

Sweet picture!!! I remember my first meeting with the BIG mouse. It was magical, and I'm sure the girls will remember it forever!

AMomTwoBoys said...

That is adorable!

We were at Disneyland last year and Dylan is still pissed we didn't see Mickey Mouse. Even though I'm 99.9% sure he would have been terrified.

Maybe I'll steal your photo and photoshop his head onto it.

Merry Christmas, Kari!



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